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What We Do


IoT Automation

Aeyant Corporation is working on various industrial solutions that can bring the revolutionary change in the world of industrial technology usage.

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Software Solutions

With the effective and dedicated software industrial solutions, Aeyant Corporation is ready to bring the creative and easy to operate software solutions.

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Barcode Systems

From the start to the end, Aeyant Corporation brings the best barcode solutions that is going to help you to automate the process of data collection. Get ready for the quality products.

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Professional Measurement Solutions

Aeyant Corporation brings the more accuracy in an automated way with its professional measurement solutions. We have been able to provide the measuring instruments to measure various aspects.

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About Us


Aeyant Corporation has been established to provide the world class automation solutions. We have those solutions that can fulfill your varying needs of getting things done in an effective manner with the help of latest technologies.

Smart Work

With the use of various IoT equipment, Aeyant Corporation helps its customer in implementing such solutions. We understand the need and pain of the customer, so that we can design such apt solution that should give them the best easiness in the uses of various automation solutions.

Creative Ideas

We always encourage our users and technicians to think in the shortest and smart way to generate creative solutions that can ease the work flow in an automated manner.


Aeyant Corporation has been able to implement various solutions that has helped companies to get the best relief. The impact of our solutions has made people to enjoy their work in smoother way.


Aeyant Corporation brings various creative solutions to make industries enjoy their profile in a much advance way. We encourage people to bring out their thoughts on the system where they are working.

Aeyant Corporation has many cutting edge solutions that help many customers to enjoy the accuracy in the most amazing manner. We keep ourselves active in doing research to ease most of the daunting tasks in various industrial and personal uses.

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Energy Management

Manage the energy in your office premise and reduce the effective billing amount. It is developed with sensors and software that gives you the easiness to manage your entire premise in an automated manner.

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Beacons (BLE)

Asset Tracking

Enjoy the real-time tracking with IoT of your valuable assets in a defined premises with our amazing asset tracking solutions. We use various sensors, gateways and Bluetooth technologies to enable this solution to work as per your choice.

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Barcode & GPS

Sales-force Automation

Enjoy the amazing and accurate field force automation services that goes with rugged mobile computers (PDA) and GPS. Our software for mobile computers and desktop goes well to enable the system to work effectively.

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Home & Room Automation

Aeyant Corporation brings the most creative solutions to enable your house and office to work in a magical way. We use our best technologies from barcode, IoT and others to make you feel amazed with the help of beacons, sensors and others.

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